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Solutec offers a wide range of oils, grease, lubricants, spray etc to many different types of business. From your small one-man band to the large corporate business.

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Special Offers from Solutec

The all new Anti Glug Cap · Only 13p each · Why pay for spilt products!


METAL-FREE ANTI SEIZE 400ml (A white, high performance lubricant on a ceramic basis. It is specially used where extreme temperatures (up to 1400Deg C) occur and where the common Anti-Seize cannot be used due to its dark colour. It prevents seizing of bolts and nuts and provides long term corrosion protection.


FREE CUT 500ml (A superior heavy duty, straight oil for broaching tapping and threading. Recommended for tapping stainless steel, nickel alloys and other difficult materials)


CHAIN & CABLE LUBRICANT 480ml (A medium duty molbdenum disulphide grease, penetrates chain links & wire rope. Ideal for fork trucks, chain saws and all wire rope)


SABRE 480ml (Biocidal hard surface foaming cleaner. A handy hard surface cleaner for use in washrooms, shops, offices, hotels, canteens and public buildings etc)


FOOD SAFE CHAIN & BEARING LUBRICANT white 400ml (Applications include, brake chains, drive chains, chain blocks, gantry chains, hoists. Contains anti-rust additives. Will not throw off. Penetrates wire rope for lasting lubrication)

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