Cleaning Products

Detergent Cleaners

  • C012 SELOSOL all purpose detergent degreaser 5L, 25L, 200L
  • C013 SELGUARD PLUS concentrated glassware detergent sanitiser 1L, 5L,25L
  • C020 SELGIENE food grade concentrated cleaner sanitiser 5L, 25L, 200L
  • C060 CREAM CLEANER lemon fragrant vitreous enamel council approved 500MLc
  • F104 AMPHOCLEN heavy duty sanitiser cleaner concentrate for the food and catering industries 25L, 200L
  • J010 MD1 soft water machine dishwashing detergent 5L, 20L
  • F033 MD2 concentrated soft/medium water dishwash detergent 5L, 20L
  • J009 MD3 highly concentrated machine dishwashing detergent 5L, 20L
  • F204 MD4 advanced dishwash detergent for high soil and low tannin levels 5L, 20L
  • F085 MD5 advanced dishwash detergent for hard water and high tannin levels 5L, 20L
  • F147 MD6 aluminium safe tray wash detergent 5L, 20L
  • C014 RA1 soft water neutral machine dishwashing rinse aid 5L, 20L
  • C126 RA2 hard water acidic machine dishwashing rinse aid 5L, 20L


  • C001 SELDET concentrated liquid detergent 5L, 25L
  • C008 SELDET BACTERICIDAL patented bactericidal washing up liquid 1L,5L
  • C009 SELDET LEMON concentrated lemon liquid detergent 1L, 5L,25L
  • C011 SELDET SUPER 20% neutral detergent 1L, 5L
  • C016 15% DETERGENT 15% detergent for general cleaning 5L, 25L
  • C071 10% DETERGENT neutral detergent 5L

Special Cleaners

  • C153 BIOTRAP biological drain and grease trap opener for use through a timed dispenser 5L
  • F052 H.D DEGREASER aluminiumk safe heavy duty degreaser 5L
  • H002 SELALITE aluminium cleaner 7 descaler 5L
  • J001 SELVO beer pump & pipeline cleaner 5L
  • J003 SELCHEM BGS beer glass detergent for enclosed machines 5L