Heavy Duty and Alkaline Cleaners

Heavy Duty & Alkaline Cleaners

  • F004 SELSOLV Universal maintenance cleaner 5L
  • F005 SELPEN S heavy duty sprit based oil and grease remover 5L
  • F014 SELCLEN S industrial maintenance cleaner concentrate 5L, 25L, 200L
  • F040 STRONGARM heavy duty hard surface cleaner with water soluble solvent 5L
  • F078 A.F.S alkaline amphoteric foam sanitiser cleaner 25L, 200L
  • F086 SEVILLE H.D DEGREASER waterless orange solvent degreaser 5L
  • F086 SEVILLE DEGREASER water based orange degreaser 5L
  • F119 MAXIMA maximum strength industrial maintenance cleaner concentrate 25L, 200L
  • H001 SELPHOS toilet cleaner & descaler 5L
  • H006 SELSCALE acid concrete cleaner and descaler 5L, 25L


  • K007 SILICONE LUBRICFANT pure silicone oil 400ml, 480ml
  • K025 PTFE SILICONE GREASE advanced high performance lubricant 400ml, 480ml
  • K040 SILICONE SPRAY general purpose renovation and release spray 400ml, 480ml

Engineering / Maintenance

  • K008 PENETRATING & RELEASE FLUID penetrates and frees nuts, bolts and seized metal parts 400ml, 480ml
  • K016 CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT a medium duty molybdenum disulphide grease 400ml, 480ml
  • K033 MAINTENANCE SPRAY multi-purpose plant and automotive grease 400ml, 480ml
  • K094 WHITE SPRAY GREASE industrial grade lithium grease 400ml, 480ml
  • K102 BRIGHT GALVANISING SPRAY galvanising spray 400ml, 480ml
  • K123C BRAKE CLEANER fast drying, leaves no residue. free of chlorinated solvents or cfc's 400ml, 480ml