Water Soluble Cutting Fluids

SEMI-SYNTH 3MX: Top selling product. Biostable, semi-synthetic, cutting fluid. Outstanding corrosion protection and resistance to bacteria, contains 30% mineral oil and a fungicide. Usually dyed fluorescent, but is also available undyed, red or blue to meet customer's bespoke marketing needs.

SEMI-SYNTH X-7: Extreme pressure version of 3MX. Contains high level of chlorine containing EP additives and silicone free anti-foam. Outstanding low foam properties. Usually supplied dyed green.

SOL15EP: Extreme pressure milky soluble oil. Contains high level of mineral oil, chlorine EP additive and also boron additives for biostability.

SEMI-SYNTH AL405: Product designed specifically for the machining of aerospace aluminium alloys. Low pH value for anti-staining properties, chlorine free, contains synthetic esters for lubricity. Semi-translucent emulsion and high mineral oil content.

SEMI-SYNTH EP400: A product with the highest possible level of chlorine EP additive and synthetic ester without affecting other properties such as corrosion protection and bacteria resistance. This product has very low foaming properties and usually comes dyed blue. Outstanding results on high alloy carbon and stainless steels, titanium alloys and deep hole boring.

SEMI-SYNTH X-23: A chlorine free, extreme pressure product, containing a high level of synthetic esters. This product forms dense milky emulsions, but is highly resistant to bacteria and has outstanding anti-corrosion properties. Outstanding on difficult to machine aluminium alloys and creep feed grinding. The high oil content of this product has also led to solving rusting problems when machining cast iron.

CU-COOL: Product designed specifically for machining copper and copper alloys. The soap-less emulsifiers in this product prevent the formation of copper soaps and therefore good emulsion stability and very low metal staining.

SUPER SYNTH 4: A fully synthetic, solution type product, containing a vegetable oil based lubricity additive. Forms a clear solution in most waters and is useful in areas where a high level of biodegradability is required.

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